All you knit is love

A single woman’s sock is an average of 10,000 stitches each. Just one, never mind that most of us have two feet. So, when knitters set about making gifts for others, we are setting out a commitment to love them for each one of those 5, or 10, or 15, or more thousands of stitches, all in hopes they see it as we see it.

It was around this time last year when I was thinking of whipping up a little something for one of my siblings to use up a stash of yarn.  I innocently thought “hey, why don’t I knit up something for each of them for Christmas?” The answer to that question would be “because there are seven of them…” but apparently, my brain left the question as rhetoric and I set about on a mission that took about half a year to complete (with a few distractions).

Of course, I couldn’t just knit everyone up a few dishtowels. Individual gifts had to be selected based on personality, most likely usage, and/or some other insane criteria that my brain made up when I decided that knitting for an additional seven people is a grand idea.

Sibling 1 – My eldest sister is a scrapbooking, sewing, crafting gal, so I thought a lap blanket and some slippers (from a pattern I can’t seem to find) would keep her warm while she worked.


Sibling 2 – My second eldest sister was a bit trickier. She is allergic to lanolin so all the woollies were out. She loves handicrafts and appreciates the time they take so it had to be pretty. Enter some nice tweed silk and a pretty shawl pattern.


Sibling 3 – Third in line is my eldest brother. My most distinct memory of him is his love of my grandmother’s quilts, which were made of that heavy 70’s polyester that are the fear of firemen everywhere. Appreciating the warmth of that blanket, some nice heavy socks were in order (with modified stripes to make them more classic).


Sibling 4 – This is about where I begin to wonder what I’m getting myself into. When I was a kid, my brother wore pure wool sweaters. I remember commenting on how “scratchy” they were, and he always made sure to correct me. For him, a nice thin everyday wear pair of socks, with just enough scratchiness to remind him that they are real wool. I used my simple toe-up sock recipe with zigzag pattern picked out of a stitch library – I didn’t want to be too plain.


Sibling 5 – The middle sister has daughters in their twenties and a spirit that’s not much older, so for her, I made this beaded mini-shawl meant to keep chill away on fun summer evenings after the sun goes down.


Sibling 6 – My youngest big brother works hard and spends plenty of time outdoors. For him, I cast on this chunky hat that knit up so beautifully, I wanted to knit a dozen of them…but the clock was ticking so…


Sibling 7 – Last but not least, my nearest sibling and youngest sister.  I could imagine her wearing this creamy, dreamy merino/silk shawl the whole time I was knitting it.


Seven projects, seven people, one blog post, some tennis elbow, and a lot of love.


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