Life is full of little moments that go unnoticed until, suddenly, they don’t. 

Recently, I met up with a friend from years past after reconnecting – strangely enough over my last blog post.  It seemed high time to continue my journey so we set a date and meet for lunch on a blustery Saturday morning.

I notice as I get older that my friendships are more discerning, that they age like wine and wear like good shoes. I can count on them to be as comfortable as when they were last worn, and survive the changes that life brings each of us. Sometimes, those changes are hard. This time was like that. This time, her life is changing and she is having to find herself in it.

When your friend is suffering, your instincts to protect and to strengthen rise up to the challenge. Suddenly, you are only about giving them courage, support and maybe a few helpful reminders they’ll be okay.  And when they’re not, you’ll be there to pick up the pieces and help mend them.

It was in this moment, sitting in a support circle, that it happened. My spouse, Dee, showed up to join us and, as she went to grab a coffee, I asked for a cookie.

“Ginger?” she asked, and smiled without a doubt. A brief nod and she was off. After a moment, my friend said “See!  All I want is someone who knows what kind of cookie I want without asking.”

And, in that moment, I remembered just how precious this gift is, the gift of giving and receiving love in the smallest gestures. The perfect timing of a friendship, and the love found in the small detail of a ginger cookie.


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