A spot of tea

This blog began in 2012 as a journal and a journey.  That journey, and its journal, abruptly paused last year when I found myself in a bit of a funk, and unable to shake it.

I begin again by peeling back the layers of the past year in reverse, where this post began – with a spot of tea and some inspiration.

I found myself not too many days ago sitting on a tea farm, thousands of kilometres from home, with a good friend.



My friendship with Adriene started through a series of circumstances that clicked – a dinner with friends, a Facebook invite, a knit date, and a blog (hers, to be precise).  It has become tradition that, when she comes to town, we meet for coffee and a knit, sometimes followed by wandering into random stores and buying a few findings along the way.

It worked for years, these chance meetings and random days and then we’d pass back to our other lives and await the next opportunity to connect.  This time, we made one. It began as an idea, really, to go visit her this year, but the idea grew (well-watered) until suddenly I had airfare booked and we had plans.

During my visit, we navigated to surrounding neighbourhoods, shopped antiques, purchased yarn (who are we kidding?) and learned about each other a bit more.  She showed me her favourite places, and tried a few new ones.  She took me into her home, introduced me to a friend, and made me welcome every day.  Our visit was new, different, at times a little awkward, but we learned to find a rhythm, and eventually, it was quiet and still.  This moment, this lovely pot of tea, in this beautiful place, unwound a giant knot in me.


I learned a few things about myself on this journey:

  • I should never underestimate how much money I can spend on yarn when unsupervised.
  • I like tea.  Ok, I always liked tea a little but I have enjoyed a pot of tea every day since coming home.  (I may have spent more on tea than yarn.  If not, it was close.  Seriously, click the link.  This is some delicious tea.)
  • There are so many things in this world that I have no idea what they are, what they’re for, or why someone would have them, but it is fun to discover these things and wonder about them.
  • Owning a fibre mill can sound like a good idea when three artistically-inclined women sit down for coffee and a little rant.
  • I am creative and, as such, I need to create.  I have not done enough of that.

Which leads us back here, to this journal, and this blog, and this journey through life that we are all on.

This trip was the first of many journeys I plan to take this year.  Not all of them will take me so far from home, and some of them might just be in the richness of my garden.  Wherever they are, I will be there.


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