A little help here?

I’m not one to look gift yarn in the mouth.  Most of the time, I might argue that I encourage the giving of yarn, both in general and to me in particular.

When my sister offered me some yarn she had acquired, I was happy to take it home with me. And I would say I’m still happy with the yarn…in principle.

One can hardly refuse a garbage bag full of well-preserved White Buffalo yarn. In fact, I can already see the cute little grandpa sweaters I can make for photo props or maybe a little nephew or two will need to keep warm in the blustery Winnipeg winters to come.

white buffalo yarn

Here comes the tough part.  Brace yourselves for I give you eight, yes eight, 50 gram skeins of mohair(?) yarn.


This has to be the most resilient and furry yarn I have ever seen that was not fun fur.  Perhaps you can’t see that the cakes are not folding in on themselves.  That can’t be a good sign for drape…

Now, it’s pink and grey and I can think of many cute things that are pink and grey that might be fun to make. I just keep looking at this yarn and all I can think is…I don’t need a Muppet.

What on earth am I going to make with these metres of yarn (I’m scared to measure how precisely how many) that practically stand upright?  Hence, this is my official cry for help to knitters out there with my two questions.

  • Need one: Any idea what this yarn might actually be and how it might knit up?
  • Need two: Any non-Muppet suggestions on what I could make with it?

It does look kinda pretty all balled up like that. Maybe it just wants to hang out?

mohair yarn

P.S. It’s September 18th.  This yarn will not distract me.


2 thoughts on “A little help here?

  1. mmm, I am thinking seeing as you are not certain of the draping and understandably so, making cushion/bolster covers might be safe and would be a cuddly, warm, lovely gift for anyone, maybe some button accents along the closure edge? just a thought…I have also seen mohair knit up into rectangular bands and then wrapped and sewn onto wide chunky acrylic bracelets, and stacked with gold tone or silver tone bangles….a really cool accessory. All I got…for now 🙂
    kindred knit fiend.

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