Nobody panic

It’s September 16th.

I know that’s alarming to all of my crafters out there, as we come to realize that we have just a little over 3 months until Christmas to make all our gifts. If you’re anything like me, you set out with good intentions in January. You made a list of projects assigned them to loved-ones. Maybe you even gathered the materials printed some instructions and cast on or cut patterns pieces or maybe even stitched a few things together. If you’re super lucky, you might even have put one or two items and the long range planning box. Heck , I even went so far as taking the printed pattern and the yarn from my stash and  individually packing them together for easy access.

Maybe you’re not this far ahead (assuming you subscribe to the theory that this is ahead, even though I haven’t knit any of these things).  Maybe you have the patterns in mind, or ideas sketched on the backs of napkins or notebooks and you now realize you have none of the materials.

This is my call out to all of you (and maybe a small cry for help).

Now is the time to really crack down and look at your list and get ordering that precious hand spun hand dyed yarn from Ecuador that takes 4 to 6 weeks to be shipped. Because now is the time that you realize that by the time you get this yarn, you may barely have enough time to knit this one sweater, and you will still have to knit 6 pairs of socks, 3 hats, a Doctor Who scarf (you have no idea how or why you got roped into making this one), not to mention that gorgeous lace shawl mom really wanted.

So don’t panic, you still have time.  As long as you don’t need sleep, and your loved-ones feel (as they should feel) that a knit pair of socks and a 12-foot scarf effectively make up for 3 months of somewhat spotty though well-meaning access to your love and attention.

If not, drop the Doctor Who scarf.  It’s the right thing for everyone.


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