I may have previously mentioned that my partner is a budding photographer.  As a result, I indirectly benefit from the hobby in a variety of ways, including one kick-butt photo among the many rather questionably-sourced “avatars” on my work collaboration site.  Too bad, suckers!

This fact may not be incredibly evident in all of my blog posts as I am stricken by impatientitis.  When impatientitis is coupled with blogging, it often causes said bloggers to swiftly photograph whatever is in a 20-foot radius with whatever camera-wielding apparatus is in their 2-foot radius without consideration to how these two things might correlate to complete and utter photographic dysphoria.  I frequently find myself suffering from the effects of impatientitis in other avenues of my life (see my other posts for traumatizing events involving baking and cowls as a good start).  I do occasionally suppress this affliction and wait long enough to get a beautiful photo of a finished object, such as my page banner.

All of this to say that when she decided to make a business out of photography, I felt that I should give a little back to her passions and dreams.  I set out to assemble a few photo props for those cute little newborns that were coming up for a photo shoot.

I said a few, right?

hats - all

And to round out the “hats”, it seemed only fitting to make a necktie…

baby necktie

I didn’t photograph the headbands or tutus…you know, to protect the innocent…

Perhaps sufferers of impatientitis need a professional moderator.  I should write my insurance company.


2 thoughts on “Moderation

  1. It is the same affliction that makes a lot of my photos either headless, or head-cropped. If I tried hard enough, took enough shots, got a better tripod, these things would not happen… Or if I had a professional photographer as a partner!

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