Starting somewhere…

New Years’ resolutions are not my cup of tea.  Starting the year figuring out where I want to be by December seems rather…constrained, limiting or maybe even downright contrary to my nature.  I am a floater, a seeker, a learner, or at worst, a fragmented thinker.  My brain is usually about 2 paces ahead of my grasp so that I speak before I think and I do before I doubt.

All that to say that I shall be making my mid-year, random day declaration of goals for the upcoming undetermined period.  Resolutions still sounds a little too tight a fit, like something was actually wrong with me and I must fix it.  Instead, my goals are:

  • Learn to play the guitar (add, buy guitar)
  • Complete a few of the knitting projects in the long-range planning box (doing well so far, a Cowichan sweater and a pair of socks are knit, and my Dahlia sweater is on the needles…)
  • Resume drawing
  • Get a family photo taken while my kids still don’t have kids of their own
  • Learn to make at least one recipe from the French cookbook Dee bought me for Christmas (don’t be shocked if it’s bread – I love bread)
  • Have people over to the new house – give the house a little life
  • Get more active
  • Watch at least one movie that makes me remember what is important in life (hint: it isn’t action and adventure, nor is it Ryan Gosling – sorry bud)

For now, this will do.  If there’s one truth I aim to remember, it’s that life is only over once so no sense sitting on your @## waiting for it to come.


One thought on “Starting somewhere…

  1. The hubby got me a guitar for my birthday years ago when we lived in the UK. I’ve since moved it to three different homes without properly learning to play it. Fifth times a charm?

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