Being crafty

When my 21-year-old son was deciding whether to move with us to the new house, I teased him that he could live in my craft room…for a while.

I firmly believe it takes a different amount of time for each of us to figure out who we are in this world, and he wasn’t accomplishing that in his room.  Nor were any potential life mates going to knock on my door and ask if I had a son that might be available.  If life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans, he was doing neither.  Work, sleep, computer, eat, sleep…text.

Now, you will note that when he actually decided to move out, I had a bit of a crisis of motherhood.  Just because I knew he needed to move out and make his own way in the world didn’t mean *I* was ready for it!   Fast forward to the future, and now his texts come from me, and he is taking classes and getting certifications and I’m wondering where my baby went!

All of this to say that I thought it was high time I actually assembled my craft room and moved on from thinking my baby was coming home soon.  Here’s a shot of my beauty, all waiting for me to choose a hobby to pursue.


I started a long-range planning box à la Yarn Harlot, and I collected yarn that I had a plan for, and the pattern for which there is a plan, and put them all together for ease of reference in the lovely box in the corner.  I tucked away my patterns, my fabrics, my scrapbooking materials, and even my 16×20 canvases in these massive Ikea drawers.


I have all of my yarn bagged, sorted by size, and labelled in drawers that fit nicely in that double closet (doors left closed for good reason).  We found a spot for most of Dee’s camera equipment, and I suspect we are one cabinet short of calling that complete.  It still needs a little colour and life, but it’s a start.

Last but not least, we bought one splurge, a big comfy chair that folds out into a single bed for when the boy comes home for visits.


It’s still his room, after all.


2 thoughts on “Being crafty

  1. Ahhhh, behold THE room! I am looking forward to having such a room for my own crafty exploits. I am particularly impressed by the natural light flooding in. Enjoy!

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