In which I cry myself to sleep

I set about to knit gifts for a few folks I love this year, one of whom is my daughter.  At 15, she is eclectic.  She’s a little goth, a little steampunk, a little childlike wonderment.  What a perfect time to pull out some Stitch ‘n’ Bitch and knit up a pair of these!  In the midst of moving, I’ll acknowledge it was a slow start, but I put them on the needles a couple of weeks ago and cranked out a sock.  I felt very accomplished when suddenly, life continued happening and the sock did not.

This Saturday, I turned to Dee and said “Dee, I have discovered that the second sock will not knit itself in time for Christmas.  I am going to have to knit it myself.”  Well, not exactly those words.  My words were a little more…frantic and perhaps frustrated.  But this is my blog, and this is how I say it went.

I set about knitting the socks.  I turned on the TV to some random Angelina Jolie movie and set about knitting the sock.  I knit all day on Saturday with brief interludes for switching channels, meals and some wrapping.  It was spendid!  What was previously just a little rib was now a turned heel, and I was on my way!   Thereafter, I knit whenever life afforded me a few extra minutes and yesterday, on the bus, I knit up the toe and all that was left was the Kitchener stitch!  And yes, I was excited to the point of all these exclamation marks.

Fast forward to yesterday where my diligence in knitting the second sock continued and I tucked into bed with my darning needle and seamed up that pesky toe.  Victory was mine!  I pulled out the other sock to show Dee just how fabulous they really were when…well, this says it all.


Don’t see it? How about now?


Or now?


Dee, bless her heart, tried to make it seem like it might turn out.  She even pulled out her limited knitting lingo.  “Could you block it?” she tried.  “Maybe she won’t notice.”  I unravelled…me and the sock.  “That sock is AT LEAST an inch bigger than the other in both ROW and STITCH gauge!”  Knowing when to say nothing and rub your arm sympathetically is a gift in a spouse, and if you have it, cherish it as I did right then.

I pretty much gave in to the reality quickly and plucked my beautiful stitches out .  But all the while, I thought “How could this happen?”  I have two theories, both plausible and neither helping.

  1. I have become so comfortable with this pattern that my gauge loosened as I worked it the second time.  Plausible, though you’d think the toe on the first one would have signs of this magical gauge change, but nay.
  2. I have two needles of the same type and material, and both of them were out.  A 2mm and a 2.25mm.  The second sock definitely came off the 2.25mm as instructed in the pattern.  I THOUGHT I knit the first one with the 2.25mm as well, as it is IN THE PATTERN and I didn’t NOTE a change in needle.  This theory is highly plausible but does not explain why my turned heels are exactly the same size, but the cuff is not.

Either way, 13 days before Christmas, I have to knit the damnable second sock again, presumably with 2mm needles and hopefully some better luck the third time.

Next year, I am sticking to knitting two socks at a time!


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