A return to knitting

When last we tuned in with the knitting, socks were on the rise and a certain cowl was in the bad knitting box repenting its evil ways.  Shortly thereafter, followers (all four of you) witnessed a house selling / building / moving meltdown of apocalyptic proportions and although we all had a really good laugh at my expense, I’m sure you (four) have been on pins and needles waiting for me to update you on my progress.

But first, a word from our sponsors!

Um, yeah, I have no sponsors.  Turns out sitting on your couch knitting is not lucrative business for most folks.   Despite the lack of lucrative funding, I did find some time to sit and knit.  Behold, the socks no long in progress but afoot!

Sadly, the foot model doesn’t really like feet so I failed to get a decent shot of the ribbing.  Ribbing might seem boring as a general rule but in this case, the occasional row was a knit row which has made an interesting dual ribbing that I’m eager to see in action.  Will it hold the sock up more effectively?  Will it appear decorative?  All of it is yet to be seen.

I removed the inter-connected circles from the pattern (with deepest apologies to the designer) because dark socks tell no tales about pattern.  Ergo, why fuss with them?  I kept the little cables on the side – the appear to provide nice structure.

After finishing the socks, foisting them onto Dee, my esteemed spouse and sock recipient, I sat back and meditated on the goodness which is finishing a project while simultaneously patting myself on the back for the brilliance of learning to knit two socks at a time. I was DONE!  Ahh…

And then the cowl looked up at me from the yarn bowl with sad…fibres…and I was immediately back to the land of half-finished projects.  The cowl and I are trying to make it work.  I really need a new project, and I am T minus 10 from having my fibres back from storage.  I would hate to abandon the cowl again in response to the thrill of new fibres.  But I totally would.

P.S. For those who care (you there, in the back), I’m up to April 2008 of my quest to be up to date on Yarn Harlot news.  No longer will I think “to what is this crazy Harlot referring?” when I’m done.  Nope.  When I am done, I shall be…a complete and utter knitting nerd.  Not too far from where I started, really.


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