This is how it goes

The knitting is away. This is day two. 

In other news, the last niggly task was completed today and, dutududuh, I sat on my couch and watched a show with my spouse and my daughter.  Ahhh.

A few months ago, we started to watch TV series on DVD as a medium for opening dialogue and relating with a teenager who is self-proclaimed odd.  We started with a series she liked already – Buffy the Vampire Slayer – and then introduced a similar genre of our own, trading off episodes and striving to understand what was liked about each.  Well, so far only one – Dark Angel – but it was so short-lived, another series must come in behind.  I’m toying with Alias.  If my teenage daughter is going to be hooked on a TV show, the main female character better have some chutzpah.

Now, I don’t advocate TV as a medium, but since we started this ritual, we talk more, she shares more, we bake occasionally, and she crocheted a scarf…this is progress people, and I’ll talked what I can get to bridge the distance. 

Tomorrow, I knit. And perhaps some butt-kicking female leads are in order.  Or baking.  We shall see.  Anyone out there have any similar channels they use to bridge the teenaged gap?


3 thoughts on “This is how it goes

  1. Modern Family and Saturday Night Live, and The Muppet Show. Old chick flicks like Dirty Dancing, Princess Bride and Grease. Music, we all listen to each others, especially if it’s new and interesting.

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