Oh, the humanity

I have spent weeks – nay, a month! – de-cluttering, packing, storing, cleaning, and generally preparing this house for sale.  During that time, I severely limited my knitting so that I would not be distracted from my task.  I knit just before bed, or while waiting for my ride after work, in Toronto or on planes.  I knit two half socks veeeery slooowwwwly.  My reward would be the day I listed this house and then I would knit all of the non-working hours.  Life would be grand!

On Saturday, the end was in sight!  Realtor appointment confirmed for Sunday, just the last push through the to do list for those two days and we were free to knit!  (Er, I was free to knit.  I’m pretty sure my spouse, Dee, wanted nothing to do with knitting.  Something to do about knitting “stressing her out”?)  We worked until 1:30 a.m. Sunday, and as we settled into bed exhausted, I thought – my elbow hurts.  It looks kinda weird.  Odd.  And, as it was 1:30 a.m. on Sunday and the realtor was due at 4:00 p.m., I promptly fell asleep.

Sunday dawns anew and we begrudgingly spring out of bed to tackle the day and I open with “Okay, my elbow looks really weird.”  In fact, it was red, it was swollen, it was hot, and it was not happy to see me.  I had a decision to make: doctor or realtor?  Any guesses?

And so about.com said “bursitis of the elbow”, treat with anti-inflammatory medication and R.I.C.E.  Um, yeah.  I cleaned and moved and did a lot of one-handed tasks until finally, I decided that “that which does not kill me makes me stronger” and carried a large bag of rocks.  Little known bursitis facts…carrying rocks does NOT bother your swollen elbow.  Sweeping does.  Strange but true.  I plowed forward until this morning when, looking less swollen but larger, I introduced it to the doctor.  Treatment?  Anti-inflammatory medication and R.I.C.E.  Excellent!

But the real kicker?  The one that made me write this post?

“You probably should avoid knitting for a couple of days.”

So much for rewarding hard work.

P.S. The house is listed.  I guess I’m excited.  So excited I could just.  Sit here.  Not knitting.  Wondering why typing isn’t prohibited.


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