Is it me you’re looking for?

Lionel Richie aside, I feel like I have been buried under a non-blogging rock lately.  To sum up:

1. Steph moving out wrecked me.  And then I remembered I need to sell this house, so I sucked it up and turned his room into a library.  Sorry, kiddo.
2. Renting a portable storage unit to solve your consumeristic ‘problems’ is completely and totally brilliant.  It is also a painful process of packing up half of your belongings so that your house can look essentially the same but without a bunch of crap you actually probably don’t need.  (Note: Yarn is separate from that stuff.  Totally.)
3. Emptying your house of excess allows you to find small repair jobs.  This is not a positive thing, even if you are a ‘glass half empty’ person.  I am a ‘the glass is full of water and air and I still cannot repair that nick in the paint job with either of these useless materials’ person.  Ergo, I don’t care about the glass, I care that I am taking possession of my new home in a month and my house is still not for sale.  House for sale, slightly nicked.  Includes 5 appliances and directions to Home Depot.
4. In my diligence to keep the house looking organized, I have inadvertently over-watered my vine.  The vine has expressed its displeasure with irony, tossing its desiccated leaves on my clean and clutter-free floor and vent.  The occasional rattling leaf sounds vaguely like a bee attempting to escape from the window, causing wide spread panic.  I have noted to ignore it better and bestow my watery love on the basil instead.
5. This seemed like a great time to go to Toronto for work, where this blog is being drafted.  This has been great for my neglected sock as seen here in the heel flap stage.  It has been ghastly awful for my spouse (not seen here, but imagine her scowling at the two-person tasks in frustration and you’ll be fine).


6. There is still no cowl.


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