What cowl?

The cowl and I had a difference of opinion.  When I pulled it back to the error, I wanted to knit it back up, adjust the edge stitches and move on.  It wanted to get lumpy, grumpy and uncooperative.  I responded as only a knitter can.

I cried and threw it on the floor.

After cursing about how I “hate” the cowl and the cowl is “stupid”, and being told that I didn’t have to finish it if I didn’t want to, I did the next most rational thing.

I picked up stitches on the last decent row, and I frogged the whole thing.  2/3 of the thing.

I put it in the “bad knitting” box (well, it’s in the knitting bowl, technically).  See how innocent it looks in there?  It’s lying to you!

BTW, this colour is a little more true to life.  Apparently, poor lighting is the trick…

To teach it a lesson, I cast on these socks and am knitting them merrily and with utter disregard to the cowl’s feelings on the subject.  When it learns its lesson, I may resume our relationship.  You hear that, cowl?  MAY!

One of these days, I look forward to acquiring that patience that knitting was supposed to teach me when I started…


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