Just breathe

I woke up early this morning because I was dreaming about…a cowl.  It is a tragic state of affairs when you cannot sleep in on Sunday because you are thinking about a seemingly inconsequential mistake.

I tiptoed downstairs and peered at the offending stitches, contemplating whether it mattered, whether it added character, whether it would add to my character to leave it (build tolerance of mistakes) or to fix it (build patience).  And then I acquired a second 4mm needle (apparently, it’s my favourite; I have three) and did this.

This is my preferred unravelling method.  I would love to credit the genius whose post or book or YouTube video I stumbled across from which I learned it, but I fear I have forgotten in the glory of learning it at all.  This method is no more time consuming than trying to pick up offending stitches hanging in mid-air, but it certainly is less stressful!  You simply find the row before the offending one error, and you pick up the right side of each stitch from behind.

Note the duration of this error.  It makes up more than a third of the cowl.  I refuse to count the stitches.

Remember the “easy” part?  Apparently, all you need to do to turn an “easy” project a little “spicy” is to PURL ONE EXTRA STITCH in a two stitch pattern.  Yup.  Those of you who are yarnies out there want a close up of my pain?

Excuse the extra dramatic lighting – I am still learning this new camera.  See how all other rows have lovely honeycomb stitching?  Pretty, even, lovely stitches (if I say so myself).  See the weird linear row through which I have inserted my needle?  This is what making ONE WRONG STITCH can do to you.  Don’t be a victim!  Check your work!

I needed some reinforcements before I could commit to this lunacy plan.

You will note that I used the Amaretto flavoured sweetener, and not real Amaretto.  Rest assured, I momentarily considered switching it up.

Armed with the flavours of Europe, I proceeded to pull the needle out of my work and unravel the many, many, many rows of perfectly good stitches in order to fix one row of bad.

I am going to need more coffee.


4 thoughts on “Just breathe

  1. I know I should love the whole knitting process, but frogging and trying to fix mistakes is the worst! Such a bright and wonderful colour, though!

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