It’s only temporary…

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are in full house building / moving prep frenzy.  This means that every day there arrives new free empty boxes from the local liquor store and at the end of the day they are full of a variety of items that are not worthy of being displayed when we prepare to sell.  It also means that one might believe we are alcoholic hoarders.  No offense intended to actual alcoholic hoarders that may read this blog.  I serve a different set of addictions myself, as you will note below…read on.

Yesterday was a milestone day.  We booked a portable storage unit, so we have been preparing for its arrival by randomly systematically packing excess items from whichever room we happen to wander into various zones within the house.  The pile in the living room is growing at a rate that will soon make TV watching impossible.  Maybe not a bad thing…”Storage Wars” is not helping us achieve our packing goals, but it does remind us not to put our valuables in the hands of strangers.  We packed up some books and some various items to de-personalize the space.  I decided that this probably meant I needed to pack up my yarn.

Yes, that’s correct.

My yarn.

Non-knitters are all thinking “So?” or maybe “This woman needs a yarn intervention.”  It’s okay to not understand.  When people can’t empathize with me on this, I think long and hard about who they are and say “Imagine you packed your…” and insert their addiction.  To one person, I might say “cellphone” <gasp now, you know you want to>.  To another, perhaps “television set(s)”.  At least one person would go apoplectic if I said “flatiron”.  Everyone has that one thing that they can’t be parted with for long before they feel…not right.  Yarn is mine.

In the process of packing my yarn, I thought a few things:

  • The stash looks bigger when you put it all in the same place.
  • My stash looks particularly impressive in one of those large vacuum sealed bags.  And a little lethal.
  • I cannot store the whole stash in one box.
  • I still do not have a particularly large stash when compared to some I’ve seen.  Therefore, I do not have a problem.

After I popped the last few sealed bags into the box, and sealed every conceivable edge of the box with tape, and then said a little anti-moth prayer, I put the box safely in the pile.  And then I grabbed the project in progress (you didn’t think I packed it all, did you?), went up to bed, and knit a few rows.  I may have hugged it a little.

Then the panic set in.  There are two months to go, I have kept only two additional projects left out after this one, and I am putting all of my other yarn into storage.  What on earth am I thinking?


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