Meanwhile, a flashback…

Before departing on our road trip last month, I was in a frenzy to pick my travel projects. We were taking the ‘scenic route’ through Saskatchewan which, if you aren’t from Canada, is the province to the West of my Winnipeg home in the smack dab middle of this great country.

Before I say more, I extend many pardons to any neighbouring Saskatchewanians who may take offense to the fact misconception that most people don’t believe such scenery exists and so quotation marks were used above. As a Manitoban, I feel your pain as people talk of tearing through our respective provinces to get to our neighbouring sides. It’s prairie land and some people just don’t appreciate the land of infinite skies.  I will note, for the record, we saw much beautiful scenery on the way, and my spouse has photos to prove it.  More on this another time.

I chose three projects for the trip. I silently named them ‘easy‘, ‘spicy‘, and ‘who am I kidding?‘.  Note: The critical nature of these names is intended solely for me, and not for the pattern designers, who have clearly selected better names for these projects. 

This is where lunacy takes hold.  On the day before holidays, I cast on and start knitting ‘easy’, and ‘spicy’.  You know, to make sure I like my selections (yarn you aren’t loving + a pattern you loathe = one long ride to Calgary).  Then I collect alternative patterns for ‘who am I kidding?’ (as they are not test knit), place them all in a plastic bag with ALL of my interchangeable circular needles, plus the smaller ones in case I DO decide to make the socks (along with a couple of other small sizes in case I can’t get gauge), my measuring tape, scissors and darning needles. All with 10 hours to spare!  Let’s hit the road!

‘Easy’ got some play on the way to Calgary but had to take a break in the scenic route when the ‘scenic’ potholes threatened to turn knitting into a contact sport.  (Sorry, Saskatchewan, but I’m totally calling you on this one.  If you direct tourists to scenic areas, please maintain the road a little, provide better warning than those little red diamonds, or post “speed limit 30 km” on the road.  Just sayin’, I lost at least 2 hours of knitting time.) I started picking at her again this week in my withdrawal desperation spare time.

‘Spicy’ came off the needles last week and was finally blessed with blocking after the heat wave passed. Ain’t she purdy?

The second half of the Double Leaf Saroyan pattern was far more fulfilling to work on than the first, in my opinion, owing to the fact that it consistently gets smaller – kind of like the difference between riding a bike uphill versus downhill.  Unfortunately, this aran weight Araucania Panguipulli yarn is a little too toasty right now so this scarf will be benched until the season changes, or until a particularly hot day causes our otherwise normally functioning air conditioning to go into overdrive, leading some to believe our office building has been converted into a polar bear sanctuary.

‘Who am I kidding?’, however, has been set aside disappointed to be pulled from the permanent stash only to be put back into the interim stash and packed away. She is somewhat glad to be making friends with the new yarn, all of whom were a little disconcerted to learn that she hails from a past decade and that I am still supposed to make a priority that smaller version of the Rock Island shawl for my sister.

Why did I write all of this, you ask?  Where is she going with this frenzy story?

Nowhere.  Still procrastinating.


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