Multitasking my procrastination list

Procrastination and multitasking don’t seem like things that go together, but I am nothing if not a woman up for a challenge. Today, I embarked on a new and slightly less productive mission to add to my current list of busy, multitasking work avoidance. Perhaps it’s best to step back and explain, one step at a time what’s on the horizon.

1. We’re building a house. Well, we are paying able-bodied labourers to build it for us. Despite this, we are driving out of our way regularly to walk around said house and feel like complete idiots inspecting the work. Mostly, we take photos and shrug a lot, and then ask for long explanations that usually mean ‘no’.  Occasionally, we even feel pretty good about this process.

2. We are furnishing the new house with appliances and furniture that fit the lifestyle we’ve been working toward for nearly 8 years.  That’s right, 8 years.  Though thrilled it’s coming, it’s crazy that we’ve been together that long and we still don’t have coordinated living room furniture.

3. Building means we should probably have some cash for the down payment, so we are preparing to sell our current home, which means there is

  • downsizing of the junk we kept for unknown reasons over the years (yes, I mean you, Halloween costume)
  • packing of the stuff we want to keep for some reason or another but are removing into a storage unit so that strangers will see the incredible house to buy, and not feel compelled to comment on the toxic amount of hobbies we managed to cram in a single closet.
  • cleaning said house so that strangers don’t learn my philosophy on dusting
  • making minor fixes so that the traces of children pacing, stomping and touching every surface does not deter strangers from wanting to buy this house even though their children will surely bring it the same fate.

4. My spouse is changing jobs, which means we need to review our finances, our insurance policies, blah blah blah, to make sure we are set for the change.

5. We are moving to the ‘burbs, which in Winnipeg is only a 30 minute drive from downtown, but as bus service is horrible and I don’t drive, I need to seriously consider this passive decision or consider building a hermitage in the back yard.

6. My 20-year-old son is moving out…sort of. Into his step-dad’s. Add all feelings associated with that, which we are not going to blog about today (my baby is moving out!!!).

7. Packing the other stuff again a month or two from now and actually moving.

In addition to things I ACTUALLY need to do, there’s a subset of things I am would rather be doing.  For example, I have two knitting projects on the go, an e-book and two physical books borrowed from the library, three TV series I’m trying to get through, this blog, and researching patterns to go with the yarn I picked up on my travels (the best of which I have yet to post!).  Before I went on vacation, I also agreed to calculate and knit my sister a smaller version of the Rock Island shawl I knit for myself earlier this year.

So, with this list in mind, I got up this morning, made myself an impressive-if-I-say-so-myself cup of Amaretto flavoured cappuccino and decided was high time I start reading the Yarn Harlot’s blog. From the beginning. In 2004.  Let me say it for you.

I. Am. An. Idiot.

I am also up to April of 2004 (she started in January).


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