Just a little detour…

Those who know me best know that I have many obsessive qualities, and the latest and strongest of these is knitting.  It begins with the yarn, oh the yarn, the beauty of stands of hair or fiber spun and wound together in similar or different fashion to make a variety of rainbow colours waiting to take shape in the hands of a fiber artist.

Now, let’s get one thing clear. I’m not really an artist in this regard. At best, I am an adequately skilled craftswoman who can translate the intent of an artist’s beautiful pattern. Occasionally, a little interpretation is required. I ignore little things that knitters shouldn’t.  Like gauge.  Or yarn weight.   But never (seldom) both.

Why am I telling you this, you ask?  I am on vacation and that means that I can go to yarn stores in new towns and buy new things.  A dangerous and wondrous fact that I love love love!  First stop, Pudding Yarn, where my daughter actually participates in yarn selection (a teenage feat of epic proportion!) for a shrug I am making her.  Cotton and baby mohair? Why not!


This will soon be crafted into her Take Me To New York shrug. I think it’ll be pretty charming!  I also think I am going to hate that bouclé mohair, so I’m glad it’s just an accent.

Next stop, Knit and Caboodle in Canmore. What’s a trip to the mountains without a little wool?  This shop is just darling. Again, the teenager finds pleasure in reading the many knitting buttons and reading her favourites to me. Classics like ‘knitting takes balls’ take root in her memory, and make the wait more bearable for her. She takes a seat at the front with a ‘husband’, and finds a kindred spirit. Meanwhile, I do too, in this delicious bulky yarn that perhaps wants to be a cowl?


And wanting to support local artists, I must purchase a skein of locally dyed fingering weight merino. I generally cannot wear this shade of yellow, but surely a pair of socks will be okay…


Maybe I will take this opportunity to be a bit more creative and design my own sock pattern. I feel a little art in me when I hold this skein. Now where is that other yarn store Adriene recommended to me?


3 thoughts on “Just a little detour…

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  2. That chunky yarn is TO DIE FOR. Love it! Have you made anything with it yet? I want to make something with greys and a pop of colour like that yellow! Very le chateau meets wolseley wool.

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