Going mobile

There comes a time in every girl’s life when she has to take that leap forward.  Sometimes, it takes a little humility to go with it.

See, I knew vacation was coming and the last thing I wanted was to forget that I was trying something new.  A road trip with your spouse and your teenaged daughter through Saskatchewan and Alberta was definitely going to offer some opportunities for growth. Not to lose sight of this lofty goal to start documenting and exploring the things in my head, I asked my son to borrow his Android tablet so I could blog on the go.  (Perhaps there will be Scrabble…we’ll see…)

Today, we sat down to fire this puppy up.  I thought “great! There’s an app for that! And no iTouch mini key pad either!”. That thrill is definitely over. Typing on this thing takes mad skills.  I learned to type on a typewriter.  With keys.  That I could feeeeel.  This is like playing air guitar for the new millennium.  Even more humiliating is having your son change your settings as though you came from the stone age and might take a rock to it.  Buddy, my dad raised me in a desktop publishing house when such a thing didn’t exist.  I’m pretty sure I can keep my apps updated.

Now where the hell is the save button??


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