The first step

So everything must begin with something.  Or at least, that’s my writing motto.  A blank page won’t do, after all.  Right now, there’s a little nagging voice in my head.  You know the one?  The voice that stops you from living, taking risks, finding yourself in the mire of life?  She is not exactly friendly, and she doesn’t take any of my requests to bugger off seriously.  In my head, she is waging war.

See, I’ve always been other.  Maybe I made myself that way, or maybe I was made that way, or maybe she convinced me to be that way when I was young.  Either way, I’ve lived in my head so long that I have forgotten how to get out.  Or maybe I don’t want to get out?  I don’t know.  The reality is that every life is a journey and mine has been dictated by this insecurity and fear.

I started this blog to break down the first wall of fear.  As long as I allow myself to live in my head alone, that little nagging voice wins.  She gets to tell me why I’m wrong, and up until now, no one’s been telling her she’s wrong. She wants war, and I want peace.  This marks the first step on my journey, the biggest step of all being the one away from her.

This blog won’t always be so deep and philosophical.  Sometimes, it’ll just be a place to park the pleasures of my journey – the art, the craft, or the adventure it brings.  I hope that, over time, it’ll morph into a reflection of the person I want to be.

And so begins the first step…


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